About This Blog

This blog, Mr. Dickie's Links, was created on 16 Mar 2017.

The purpose of the blog is to create a place where I can quickly save the URL link to any webpage that I want to share or return to later. I'm using the Google Chrome browser and the Blog This extension to create the posts to the blog. When a webpage of interest is displayed on the screen I click on the Blog This icon in the second line at the top of the screen. This opens a blog post window with the URL automatically inserted into the post that I am about to create.

The URL for this blog is: mrdickieslinks.blogspot.com

Currently, anyone with the link can access the blog.

Use the sidebar information to help you find topics of interest. Alternately, you can use the Search This Blog box at the top of the sidebar.

To see what was posted recently scroll down until you see the Blog Archive section in the sidebar.

I'm interested in your feedback about whether you like or dislike this method of sharing links.

Dick Henthorn
16 Mar 2017
Rev. 21 May 2017